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What's Hat Experience

Live your Barcelona experience from another point of view: discover one of the oldest store and artisan traditions in the city and a centenary family business. We will demonstrate that quality is an important value to keep and the possibilities in hat crafting are close to be unlimited.

The Hat Experience is a unique experience where you will learn the story of our family business, how a hat is crafted and we will custom made one for you.

What is included in that experience?

Custom hat handmade with fur felt, inside a wide determined option.

Meet the story of our centenary family business.

An introduction to what is a hat.


The price of the experience is 290€ with the fur felt hat included.

What to do to enjoy the experience? Fill the following form:

Point out If you will come with somebody.

List some dates that will be good for you.

We will contact you to set up the meeting date and the payment method.

For further information don’t hesitate to contact us.